Syntax Highlighter

A simple syntax highlighter for using syntax highlighting by Wilco Bauwer

Licensed under Ms-PL

Download: (97,09 kb – v0.1.1 – 15.Aug.2007)Demo

Additional Infos in source file and readme.txt

Ali Ozgur made some improvement to the highlighter when using with html code. (From WYSIWYG editors, or even self written)




Current Version: 0.1.1
Released on: 15. August 2007

  • 0.1.1 Added Line numbers
    To use line numbering use the ln=on setting in the code tag.
  • 0.1 Initial release




  • copy Wilco.SyntaxHighlighter.dll into Bin
  • copy SyntaxHighlightingExtension.cs into App_Code/Extensions
  • copy SyntaxHighlightTemplate.txt to App_Data/furred
    the directory ‘furred’ will be used by further extensions provided by me
  • use it! 🙂

Additional steps for default style:

  • for the default template copy page_white_code.png into /pics and adjust image url!
  • add the CSS code from DefaultStyle.css to your css file



Usage examples

[ code=csharp] your code! [/code]
[ code=csharp;ln=on;title] bla bla [/code] [ code=csharp;A optional title!] your code! [/code]
[ code=anyOtherSupportedLanguage] your code! [/code]

(Without spaces!)