MonsterID HttpHandler – Done

English reader? Stay tuned, just a short german intro.. the rest of this posting is written in english (more or less.. 😉 ).

So, ich mach hier kurz mal eine deutsche Einleitung, der Rest des Postings wird in Englisch gehalten sein, weil vielleicht ein paar Leute vorbei schauen werden die kein Deutsch können. 😉

Mad Kristensens wrote a nice blog entry about cool projects that don't exist, and one of those projects is an HttpHandler implementation of MonsterID. (look here, and here)

So I tried it, and voila here it is. =)

Just copy MonsterID.cs into your AppCode folder, the MonsterID folder into AppData, register the HttpHandler in your web.config (or just use the MonsterID.ashx file provided) and use it like that:

<img src="MonsterID.ashx?seed=[whatyoulike]&size=[size]" />


Download MonsterID HttpHandler

He said it should be Open Source. So let it be. 😉 Mads distributes his blog engine under the Ms-PL, so I thought I will use this license too..

Comments on implementation etc are welcome.. 🙂

I hope it's good enough and free of errors,..

Foor a quick look at your monster I will provide a demo page soon..

Demo page online.. 🙂

Edit – 01.08.07
Added little security fix. (size limit.. ;-))

Edit – 03.08.07
Changed the call of Random.Next – Limit was too low..