Just released: mail2blog Extension

Its late.. I need some sleep.. so just a few words:

Have fun with it. 😀

Mail2Blog Extension v0.1 – 21. June 2008

As every extension it’s released under the Ms-PL

For usage informations, installation notes and so on, take a look into the readme.txt in the zip file…

Later I will create a page for the extension, where I’ll put those informations too, but now I have to go to bed. 😀

Oh.. and.. I have used this extension several times on this blog and it worked without problems, but the released one is a little bit pimped up.. So there could be some bugs, or other crazy things. Please inform me about weird behaviour. 🙂

Mhm.. and you need a current version of BlogEngine.net (at least with this extensionmanager thing..) and it would be fine when you’re able to do some changes to the code of BlogEngine.net. (Reason is explained in the readme file, and here is some explanation too )

And now.. good night. 🙂

whoops..I forgot to mention how to write an email to your blog:

Just write a normal email to the configured email address, but some special information in the subject:

[BLOG] *these are tags* #these are categories# ‚i am the author‘ „this is the subject of the posting“

The [BLOG] part is needed, but can be configured to some other text. (Called prefix on the configure page)
Then you have a tag and a category list. You can specify the author, and the subject. These infos are recognized by the characters surrounding the information.
So remember:

* -> surrounds tags

-> surrounds categories

‚ -> surrounds the author name
“ -> surrounds the title

None of them are required infos, except the prefix part. ([BLOG] in the example above..)

Update 3. July 2008:
Here is the patched core dll to use with the mail2blog extension. It’s the code from the official 1.4 release but with the 2 modifications needed.

6 thoughts on “Just released: mail2blog Extension

  1. Thank you for putting this together for everyone. I’m looking forward to everyone’s feedback, as I’m sure it will be great. And your English is excellent, btw. I’m so impressed by you multilingual guys!

  2. Big question, Does this little extension support attachments like pictures? Where if you attach the picture to the email, can it throw the picture at the end of the blog post?

  3. Thank you for your feedback..

    @attachments.. Yes it can, but you have to create the links for yourself.
    Here is a short snippet from the readme file:
    — snippet begin
    Attachments are saved in App_Data/files/attachments/{date}/filename.extension
    You can insert the attachments in your blogpost by just typing their filenames, or example:

    You’re sending an email with an attachment named "my_holiday.jpg".
    It will be saved in the attachments directory.
    To display it in your blog post just type
    <img src="my_holiday.jpg" />
    The extension replaces the name of the attachment by
    So the resulting img-tag looks like
    <img src="file.axd?file=attachments/{date}/my_holiday.jpg" />
    — snippet end

  4. How does this work when the Category.cs file is only in the Source code version of be.net and not in the Web version? Do I just edit the file and copy it to my server?



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