TextFormatter update

9 months ago I presented my TextFormatter Extension. I’ve used it for my posts since then, and I’m very happy with it…

…but one important feature of BlogEngine.net doesn’t work with my textformatter extension so far: trackbacks.

BlogEngine.net searches for a-tags in your posts, and uses them for sending trackbacks. With my extension you have a different markup for your links, so they aren’t recognized.

Now there are 2 approaches to solve this problem:

  1. Change the mechanism used to find links
  2. Add the missing functionality to the extension

The first solution would be the easiest, but has one big problem. The concerned code is located in the core project. So on every update to a newer version of BE, requires a change in that code. To complex for simple users.

So the second solution is the best one. Most of the needed code is already written by the BE team, but some of it isn’t reachable from outer code. So some stuff has to be copied, but that’s not so much.

Another update: the extension now uses the extensionmanager. So you don’t have to take a look at the code to change some settings.

Get it here

Just released: mail2blog Extension

Its late.. I need some sleep.. so just a few words:

Have fun with it. 😀

Mail2Blog Extension v0.1 – 21. June 2008

As every extension it’s released under the Ms-PL

For usage informations, installation notes and so on, take a look into the readme.txt in the zip file…

Later I will create a page for the extension, where I’ll put those informations too, but now I have to go to bed. 😀

Oh.. and.. I have used this extension several times on this blog and it worked without problems, but the released one is a little bit pimped up.. So there could be some bugs, or other crazy things. Please inform me about weird behaviour. 🙂

Mhm.. and you need a current version of BlogEngine.net (at least with this extensionmanager thing..) and it would be fine when you’re able to do some changes to the code of BlogEngine.net. (Reason is explained in the readme file, and here is some explanation too )

And now.. good night. 🙂

whoops..I forgot to mention how to write an email to your blog:

Just write a normal email to the configured email address, but some special information in the subject:

[BLOG] *these are tags* #these are categories# ‚i am the author‘ „this is the subject of the posting“

The [BLOG] part is needed, but can be configured to some other text. (Called prefix on the configure page)
Then you have a tag and a category list. You can specify the author, and the subject. These infos are recognized by the characters surrounding the information.
So remember:

* -> surrounds tags

-> surrounds categories

‚ -> surrounds the author name
“ -> surrounds the title

None of them are required infos, except the prefix part. ([BLOG] in the example above..)

Update 3. July 2008:
Here is the patched core dll to use with the mail2blog extension. It’s the code from the official 1.4 release but with the 2 modifications needed.



Hab gestern Abend ja das Blog auf den letzten Stand gebracht, und auch meine
mail2blog Extension integriert. Wirklich benutzen werde ich diese Funktion
wohl erst wenn ich wieder Uni hab, also von Unterwegs aus..

Wollts jetzt aber mal antesten. 🙂

Na, klappts? Hehe..

So.. jetzt mal nen Katastrophenfilm im ORF sehen.. Hrhr.. Ich liebe sie.. ;D

mail2blog Extension in Arbeit

Arbeite seit gestern Abend an einer mail2blog Extension für BlogEngine.net.

Das ist so ziemlich das einzige Feature das mir abgeht. dasBlog hatte diese Funktion schon als ich began diese Blog-Software zu benutzen, und ich habe sie auch mehrere male benutzt. Alle Einträge der mobile-Kategorie (ausgenommen der Ankündigung vom m600i) wurden von meinem alten Handy (SE v600i) geschrieben.

Habe damals einfach eine MMS an die eingetragene E-Mail Adresse geschickt, und dasBlog hats dann irgendwann abgeholt und ins Blog gestellt.

Zuerst hats nicht ganz funktioniert, weil soweit ich mich erinnern kann war einer der E-Mail Header nicht ganz korrekt, und wurde deswegen nicht erkannt. Das Problem wurde aber schnell behoben, und dem Mobile-Blogging stand nichts mehr im Wege.

In letzter Zeit vermisste ich diese Funktion zunehmends, und gestern rappelte ich mich auf und habe mit der Umsetzung einer solchen Extension begonnen. Alles lesen

Another BlogEngine Extension

Deutschsprachige User aufgepasst! Es folgt Englisch!

Well, it was a long time of nothing here on blog.furred.net, but today I wrote another extension for BlogEngine.net.

It was a quit simple task, because I just used two nice libraries, which are already existing for serveral years.

I had the idea for this extension a few weeks ago, but unfortunately I forgot the name of this libary. lol! But I found it again. 🙂

You may ask what the extension is for, and I will answer with two words: wiki-like (one) formatting (two).
Yeah. That’s it!

The whole thing works quite fine, even with my syntax highlighter. Before you ask: No, I’m not using TinyMCE or some other wysiwyg editor to write my blog posts. Plain old textarea (or let’s say multiline textbox 😉 )

Lets come to the libraries I mentioned.
The first one ist a Markdown library for .net written by Milan Negovan.

And the other one is Smarty Pants. A .NET version comes with Markdown.Net

Please notice:
Original Markdown and SmartyPants © John Gruber
Markdown.NET and SmartyPants.NET © Milan Negovan

The extension will be released when I know if it works with the current version of the engine. I had no time to perform an upgrade.

Update 07.Dec.2007
Today I performed an upgrade to the most recent BlogEngine version from svn, and tested the extension. It worked, so I put the code online. So grab the extension now! 🙂

Update 17.Dec.2007
Mh. It seems that nobody is using this extension. Because today I found out, that there was a little mistake in the uploaded version. The text is formatted, but it isn’t replaced, so the original text is written to the user. Download is updated, now it works. 🙂

I’m already using it, and yes, this post is written with it.

Here is some demonstration of the features


Another heading… <- ellipsis

Oh, it’s a quote!

Nested quotes?

Nested quotes!



[code=Markdown;markdown markup of demonstration stuff]


Another heading… <- ellipsis

Oh, it’s a quote!

Nested quotes?

Nested quotes!