TextFormatter update

9 months ago I presented my TextFormatter Extension. I’ve used it for my posts since then, and I’m very happy with it…

…but one important feature of BlogEngine.net doesn’t work with my textformatter extension so far: trackbacks.

BlogEngine.net searches for a-tags in your posts, and uses them for sending trackbacks. With my extension you have a different markup for your links, so they aren’t recognized.

Now there are 2 approaches to solve this problem:

  1. Change the mechanism used to find links
  2. Add the missing functionality to the extension

The first solution would be the easiest, but has one big problem. The concerned code is located in the core project. So on every update to a newer version of BE, requires a change in that code. To complex for simple users.

So the second solution is the best one. Most of the needed code is already written by the BE team, but some of it isn’t reachable from outer code. So some stuff has to be copied, but that’s not so much.

Another update: the extension now uses the extensionmanager. So you don’t have to take a look at the code to change some settings.

Get it here